NowVertical Group (“NOW”) (TSXV: NOW) is a Canadian big data technology company that helps businesses, government institutions, and large enterprises conduct vertically intelligent (VI) transformations through industry-specific software and services.

NOW’s offering is brought to market through a core suite of flexible platform-agnostic software solutions that will transform open and automate data processes, tailored to use case by in-house industry experts.  Once implemented, the VI solutions suite enables high-value automation that is predictive in nature and outcomes-oriented, giving clients the ability to make bold decisions with confidence


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  • Opportunity in every sector and industry
  • Deep industry experience and relationships in core verticals
  • Experienced management team and solid independent oversight
  • Naturally positioned to consolidate a fragmented market 
  • A deep pipeline of organic growth opportunities

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A Virtuous Value Business Model

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NowVertical Group Reports First Quarter Financial Results

Other News Q1 2022 Adjusted Revenue was $2.9 million[1], an increase of 260% over Q1 2021 Q1 Pro Forma 2022 Adjusted Revenue was $7.5 million1, an increase of 838% over Q1 2021 Current Pro Forma Trailing Twelve-month Adjusted Revenue was $30.1 million1, an increase of...

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Leadership Team

Daren Trousdell
Chairman & CEO

Sasha Grujicic
Chief Operating Officer

Andre Garber
EVP Corp. Development & Legal

Teri Anderson
Chief Financial Officer

Cody Shankman
Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Whitmire
President, NOW Solutions

Farid Kassam
President, NOW Origin