building a platform to provide reliable sources of green helium supply

Helium Exploration & Production

North American Helium is a private helium exploration and production company founded in 2013 and has raised over $300 million since inception. We have acquired rights to explore for and produce helium on an expanding property base of over 6,000,000 acres in Saskatchewan, Utah and Arizona. The company has acquired over 25,000 km of seismic data, drilled approximately 40 wells, discovered substantial reserves of helium, moved the Battle Creek and Cypress fields to commercialization, contracted and delivered Helium to customers around the world, and are actively bringing several new discoveries into production in 2022.

Helium is a rare and vital element. From medical imaging and research to space exploration and semiconductor manufacturing, many major technologies in our lives rely on helium. North American Helium is well-positioned to meet growing long-term demand for helium thanks to its assets in the right jurisdiction, in the right location and with the right geology to reliably deliver helium supply to world markets.

Our goal is to develop a new helium hub in North America, the world’s largest helium market, to ensure that this vital element is available for science and industry in the coming decades.

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